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Save with a Gas Rebate Credit Card

It's on the news almost daily, another reason why gasoline prices are increasing further or a reporter telling you where you can find the lowest gas price in town. Rather than running all over looking for the lowest gas price, it would be easier to know you’re going to get a percentage of that purchase price back automatically. There are a number of gas rebate credit card offers available allowing discounts on your fuel purchase.


Most of the major gasoline companies have their branded gas credit card, but that limits you as to what type of gas you can purchase. It's okay if that particular station is convenient for your daily travel, but what if you're out of town and need gas ASAP? A gas rebate credit card that's not specific to any particular type of gas would be more convenient for most people.


A number of financial institutions have now created gas rebate rewards credit cards that can be used at any gas station. The Discover Card offer allows a 5% discount on your first 00 in gas purchases each year and then a 1% discount thereafter. Their rebate is offered in the form of a check or a gift card in increments.


A few of the gas rebate credit card offers are comparable to a cashback credit card. But rather than receiving a periodic rebate check in the mail, your monthly bill is credited with the previous months percentage of savings. A few issues reward you at the pump with instantaneous credit.


Most gas rebate credit cards don't charge an annual fee. The monthly interest rates do vary though. So if you're one who carries a balance forward each month, the interest rate should be considered.


Each gas rebate credit card has limitations. It's best to compare offers to be sure you're applying for a credit card that fits your own personal needs.



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