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Cheap Train Tickets in Europe - Which Are The Best Deals?

So, you have everything planned, your boss is a nice guy (or you seduced him) and your next vacations will be in Europe, you are going to stay there for more than a week. You heard the best way to travel there is by rail but you wonder which are the best and cheap train tickets in Europe for you to enjoy the most. Good, that means you are in the right article at least.

When it comes to travel to Europe, and depending on the places you are looking to visit, a rail ticket is highly recommended. I would encourage you to do that for trip in most of Central Europe, specially for France, Austria, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe. For the UK it would be also useful and probably the only two places where it does not work the best is in Southern Europe and in Scandinavia, basically because you've got sea in the middle and train, at least until the day of writing, can't swim.

To find these cheap train tickets in Europe, the best you can do it to look at the official page for Eurail. This guys coordinate the rail passes for people who comes from outside Europe. If you are European, take a look at Interrail and, at least at today's date of writing, check places that sell them in the UK, as the pound has fallen terribly during the last months and you can get great bargains when changing to your currency.

In most cases a ticket like this will be very useful and economically practical. Still, there are some thing to consider when looking for cheap train tickets in Europe. One of them is that if you are traveling by train very few, and this means less than 3 times inside a single country or 6 times on a European basis, you will not get any benefits from it. Provided that Europe is leader globally when it comes to low cost flights, a long trip with train will only be time consuming and will give no benefits in return.

In any case, and if you are planning to be on a route through Austria or Switzerland, probably a long ride will offer sightseeing opportunities that will pay many times for the price you have payed and the extra time you have spent with it. In the case you love to travel by train, then it will be the adequate decision to get one of these cheap train tickets in Europe

Finally, when planning for your budget for your cheap train tickets in Europe you must consider the different economical regions that exist there. Scandinavia is the most expensive part, including Denmark. Switzerland and Austria are also pretty expensive, but not as much normally. Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands are at the following economical level. Then you'll find Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece and finally the place where train prices will be lower is in Eastern Europe.

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Dani Alonso

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